Building Communities. Through Food.

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How You Can Help

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Harmoneat believes collaboration and innovation in our partnerships. We have a number of partners:

1. Supply partners (those unique businesses who provide food and resources for our projects)

2. Program partners (those enterprises and NGOs whose values and principles align with our own, and who are helping us deliver projects and programs to bring communities together)

3. Funding partners (those individuals and organisations who are supporting Harmoneat through generous donations  and sponsorship)

4. Business partners (those partners who support the operations of Harmoneat, either through referrals or by collaborating with the Harmoneat team to deliver our services).

We understand that we can't do it all on our own. We also realise that there are existing strengths and expertise available within other social organisations that we can use to further Harmoneat operations. We believe firmly in collaboration over competition, and where, possible we seek to partner with, rather than compete against, existing business. 

Interested in partnering with us? We're open to all ideas! Contact us now. 

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