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Food and Recipes

We know that above all else, food transcends cultural, religious and ethnic divides. Harmoneat is harnessing the power of food to transform communities. By serving a range of Myanmar's cuisines to diverse communities, we're demonstrating that it is possible to build trust and understanding across traditional divides. 

The Harmoneat model is simple. Share stories and cuisines through our food truck. By creating a place to explore differences and similarities between communities, we hope to build trust, understanding and tolerance - and together, promote a better future. 

Want to know more about Myanmar food? Read on!


Myanmar, or Burmese, food is diverse, delicious and simple to make at home. Here at Harmoneat, we are passionate about showcasing the country's best food - from the hills in the North all the way to the Irrawaddy delta in the South.

Burmese cuisine is characterised by the area in which the food comes from. Restaurants are often named according to their origin, for example shan sza means Shan food and shan zai means a shop that sells Shan food (Shan is a region in the country's North East). Overall, Burmese food is influenced by a range of cuisines including Chinese and Indian. Within each type of cuisine you're likely to find:

  • Athok (salads)
  • Hin (curry)
  • Khao swe (noodles)
  • Htamin (rice, fried or boiled or in soup)
  • Hin-thi-hin-yweq (vegetables).

If you're visiting Myanmar, you're most likely to come across the following favourite dishes:

  • Mohinga (a fish broth served with rice noodles and herbs, eaten for breakfast)
  • Shan khao swe (Shan noodles)
  • Paraatha (and other South Asian breads like naan, served with chickpeas or beans)
  • Lapet thok (pickled tea leaf salad)
  • Hin yeh (Burmese sour soup served with every meal)
  • Je/Nga Han (chicken/fish oily curry served on almost every street corner).

Recipe Cards

To begin your Myanmar food adventure, we've developed some downloadable recipe cards for you to try at home! Start your Burmese cooking adventure before you even arrive in Yangon!
Fish Cake Curry (Pt1)
Fish Cake Curry (Pt2)
Tofu Salad (Pt1)
Tofu Salad (Ptd2)
Lentil and Vermicelli Soup (Pt1)
Side Dishes
Duck Egg Curry

Sour Soup

Shan Noodles
Chicken and Squash Curry
Kachin Chicken Curry
Rakhine Mont Di 

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