Building Communities. Through Food.

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About Harmoneat

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What is Harmoneat?

Harmoneat is a social organisation based in Melbourne, Australia with projects in Myanmar (Burma).

Harmoneat's vision is to bring communities together, through food. Currently Harmoneat runs projects in Myanmar that are financed by a fully operational cooking school offering unique Myanmar food experiences for visitors. Projects include peace education, skill building and community building - our innovative methodology fosters connections between individuals using food as our medium. 

Harmoneat is working toward developing a cadre of young advocates and passionate community activists who are trained to use food to bring diverse people and groups together. These Ambassadors - trained in Harmoneat's methodology - are empowered to run community building activities, events and projects in their own communities, supported by Harmoneat's global team. Harmoneat is working towards training more Ambassadors in 2015 who can explore the power of food to bring about long-lasting change in their communities - it is hoped that once trained, the Ambassadors will be able to apply for seed funding through Harmoneat. 

Harmoneat in Myanmar 

Above all else, we believe in the power of food to transform relationships between people. We are currently harnessing this power to transform relationships and bring communities together in Myanmar - a country emerging from 60 years of internal conflict. 

By showcasing ethnically diverse food from across the country, we are starting a positive conversation about tolerance. By running and participating in events and having a constructive conversation with youth, we are building new, collaborative communities. Our inter-faith, inter-ethnic team is a shining example of community collaboration. And by creating a thriving cooking school, we are transforming knowledge internationally about Myanmar's rich cultural diversity. 


 Want to know more? Read about our approach to conflict transformation here or check out our frequently asked questions to learn more. 

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