Building Communities. Through Food.

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About Harmoneat

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 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Harmoneat?

Harmoneat is a social organisation based in Melbourne, Australia, with an operation in Yangon, Myanmar.

  • we run community-based projects centred around food like skill building and peace education
  • our mission is to build communities, through food
  • our vision is a world that is united by commonalities, rather than divided by difference
What is the Harmoneat methodology?

Harmoneat has developed an innovative approach to building strong communities. We call this the 'Harmoneat methodology'.

  • the methodology is a set of activities and tools that can be used by anyone in any country to run community-building projects using food
  • the activities include peace education for young people (exploring difference and commonalities through food), skill building for youth (focusing on the hospitality industry and incorporating trust and teambuilding), and community activities (listening projects using recipe-sharing)
  • our aim is to train Ambassadors in a range of countries to use the Harmoneat methodology, and then provide seed funding for these Ambassadors to use run these activities in their own communities.
Who runs Harmoneat?

No. Harmoneat aims to be locally run, operated and owned

  • at the heart of Harmoneat’s mission is empowerment of our staff and the communities that we collaborate with
  • Harmoneat is supported by international volunteers who can assist in fundraising and building capacity, but our aim is to have a thriving, well known social business that is run by a local team
  • Harmoneat aims to build local capacity and encourage the establishment and operation of social business
    • we think social business is a more sustainable, viable development model than the charity model
  • that is why we are working with a range of local partners – supply partners, collaborators, and financial supporters – to ensure that it is a collaborative, locally-run business.

We believe in collaboration, not competition. Where possible, we engage all relevant stakeholders in an active conversation on Harmoneat operations and objectives.

How is Harmoneat financed?

Harmoneat aims to be sustainable financially, and non-reliant on charity in the long run. Harmoneat uses a variety of tools to finance our work including:

  • donations
  • cooking classes (in Yangon, we have aimed to finance our community activities by running cooking classes for visitors)
  • crowdfunding
  • products related to food
  • partnerships with like minded organisations
  • running corporate teambuilding and other profit-seeking activities.
What is conflict transformation?

Harmoneat believes in conflict transformation

  • that is, we understand that conflict is fuelled by individual actions and perceptions
  • we think that by starting a positive association between communities, using food as a way to discuss tolerance, we can change these individual perceptions and behaviours and therefore transform conflict.

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