Building Communities. Through Food.

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About Harmoneat

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Harmoneat is a social organisation based in Melbourne, Australia with community projects operating in Yangon, Myanmar. We run projects that connect diverse communities through food. Our projects, which include skill building and peace education, are currently financed by a cooking school in Yangon that teaches visitors how to cook and appreciate Myanmar food. 


We envision a future where individuals and communities are connected by commonalities, rather than divided by difference. 


To build communities, through food.

  • We use sustainable development approaches to empower communities to address shared challenges.
  • We seek to build healthy communities, which are defined as diverse, collaborative, representative, physically healthy and harmonious.
  • We use nutritious, locally sourced and ethnically diverse food, as a common ground to unite communities. 




  • Mission-orientated: We are committed to achieving our social mission whilst at the same time enjoying financial sustainability. 
  • Equality: We value the participation of all individuals, irrespective of ethnicity, religion, gender or culture. We promote the inclusion of all members of society including women, children, youth, minorities, people with disabilities and those who experience social exclusion.
  • Wellbeing: We strive to improve the overall health of individuals and society, through fostering diverse, strong, representative and physically healthy communities.
  • Sustainability: We engage in and promote sustainable development approaches, like social business, which create enduring economic, environmental and social benefits. We aim to uphold our responsibility for environmental sustainability in all operations and decision-making.
  • Empowerment: We believe that locally led and driven initiatives are crucial in the pursuit of sustainable development. Where possible, we endeavour to create local opportunities and develop leadership for those who have a passion for social business and community building.
  • Volunteerism: We value the input and cooperation of volunteers who have expertise in areas relevant to Harmoneat’s work. We strive to provide meaningful learning and growth opportunities for all volunteers, and always offer gratitude for their contribution. We do not prioritise the creation of volunteer opportunities above that of local employment, nor do we promote voluntourism without having first explored the potential for each opportunity to create meaningful change in the host country.
  • Collaboration: We always seek to work in cooperation, with, rather than in competition with, local, national and international partners to foster prosperous communities.
  • Do No Harm: We are committed to ensuring that we do not exacerbate conflict or tension - either directly or indirectly. We aim to continually strive to understand the dynamics of conflict and power relations, including our role, and to design initiatives accordingly. We seek to support, rather than undermine, local capacities for peace, above all else, recognizing and harnessing existing strengths. 

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